Forklift, Reach Truck or Stacker?

When should you get a forklift, reach truck or a stacker? Depending on your warehousing and operations needs, each different type of material handling equipment can help improve your operations greatly.

Toyota Forklift

(Image from Toyota)


A forklift (also known as lift trucks in some countries) is the most common type of material handling equipment used in Singapore.

There is also different types of forklifts that cater to different needs (click here to find out more about the different types of forklift).

In general, if the warehouse has the capacity and space, forklift is the most preferred option as it is heavy-duty and carries heavier load.

Reach Truck by Hyster

(Image from Hyster)

Reach Trucks and Stackers

Reach trucks and stackers have a narrow chassis that is suitable and is specially designed for warehouses with narrow aisle and they are usually battery operated.

They are most suitable for narrow and indoor warehouse as they do not produce exhaust emission and noise. Generally, a reach truck and stacker can carry a load of up to 3.5 ton.


Stacker Reachtruck

(Image from Hyster)

What is the difference between a Reach Truck and a Stacker?


The usage of a reach truck and stacker is very similar. The most common difference between a reach truck and a stacker in the market is the size.

Generally, a reach truck is slightly bigger in size and the “operator is situated and operating the equipment from the inside“, while a stacker is slightly smaller in size and the “operator is situated and operating the equipment from the outside” (see picture on the left for a better idea).

Because of the size, a stacker is usually able to handle a smaller and narrower warehouse space/aisle as compared to a reach truck.

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